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Course Content

IOSHThe Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the world-leading chartered body for health and safety professionals.

The IOSH Leading Safely course is designed to equip business leaders or those with management responsibilities with the skills and knowledge necessary to safeguard their employees and their business through accredited health and safety practices.

This time and cost efficient training programme has been structured to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to make visible improvements to health and safety standards across your organisation.

The course can be tailored to your specific needs and industry environment, including any existing health and safety policies and procedures you may currently have in place.

Study Materials & Method

You will be given access to state-of-the-art online diagnostic tools which will help you to review and assess your current health and safety performance levels and identify specific actions that need to be undertaken to make measurable levels of improvement to them.

To facilitate efficiency and make real-time adjustments to health and safety standards, every course participant is supplied with a mobile App to access diagnostic tools and planners on the move.

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Course Duration

5 Hours

Programme of Study

  • Health and Safety Leadership: Your role and responsibilities.
  • Getting Health and Safety Right: Guidance on the effective planning and implementation of policies and workplace practice.
  • Incident Management and Recovery: Your responsibilities and the potential penalties for non-compliance with health and safety laws.
  • Personal Commitment: Your commitment to managing targeted plans for improving your organisation’s health and safety performance.


This course can be delivered on your premises to an individual or group of employees tasked with health and safety responsibilities, however we can also offer this course at a variety of alternative locations to suit your requirements.

Please note that additional travel costs may apply if you require a course to be supplied outside of England or Wales.

Course Fees

The IOSH Leading Safely course costs £695 exc. VAT, plus an additional fee of £50 exc. VAT per person for groups of up to 20.

Fees include course tuition, materials and certification.

For further advice or information about this or any of our other accredited IOSH training courses, please contact one of our Phoenix Health & Safety advisors.