Book Online - Revision E-Learning Modules

NEBOSH International General Certificate 2014 syllabus IGC1 & GC2

Course Content

We offer a variety of NEBOSH e-learning revision modules for our accredited health and safety courses.

The revision modules are engaging and interactive, and are an ideal extra study/revision method to ensure that students get the best possible results from their exams.

Key features of the NEBOSH revision e-learning revision modules include:

  • Easy to use menu system to navigate around the revision module
  • Bite size revision materials – the entire course materials condensed into interactive summaries that can be viewed at anytime
  • Labelled diagrams and pictures included to bring your revision to life
  • Fun and memorable tips and tricks to improve your memory
  • Study and revision guidance – tips on how to study and revise effectively
  • Exam question walkthroughs – full examples of HOW to answer exam questions at Distinction level, with additional tips on using signposts within the exam question wording
  • Revision quizzes and activities – multiple choice questions and drag-and-drop activities to test yourself and consolidate your learning
  • Practical assessment guidance, including guidance, tips and sample Distinction level observation sheets and reports
  • View on PC or on your iPad – free app included for revising on the move!