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NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

Environmental management qualification, aimed at managers, supervisors, and employees, responsible for managing environmental hazards. 
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Course overview

The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate is a highly-valued, globally-recognised qualification in environmental management. It is aimed at managers, supervisors, and employees.

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is a UK-based independent examination board. It delivers vocational qualifications in health, safety, environmental practices and management.

In its 40 plus years of operation, more than 400,000 people have gained a NEBOSH qualification. It currently provides health and safety qualifications for around 30,000 candidates per year, with courses available in 80 countries.

Environmental excellence and social responsibility

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate equips candidates with the knowledge and understanding to demonstrate environmental excellence and social responsibility.

This is essential for organisations who wish to avoid prosecution, litigation, and loss of reputation.

Organisations with employees who have passed the NEBOSH environmental certificate are well-placed to introduce and maintain the environmental management standard of ISO 14001.

A course designed by professionals

The NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management is the culmination of extensive research with environmental professionals, employers, professional bodies and regulators. This ensures the course is both rigorous and relevant, but also achievable and practical.

According to NEBOSH, around two-thirds of health and safety practitioners now deal with environmental management as part of their overall day-to-day responsibilities at work. As such, the knowledge gained from the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management is vital for many health and safety professionals.

You can study Phoenix’s NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate course via classroom or distance learning.

Who is this course suitable for?

Typically, candidates who undertake NEBOSH environmental training have responsibility for managing environmental issues as part of their work. However, it is also suitable for anyone who wishes to start a career in environmental management.

This NEBOSH course is open to anyone who needs to gain a sound understanding of the principles of environmental management, including those who wish to advance their career.

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is for all companies and organisations who understand the importance of implementing effective environmental management systems.

There is no better training for equipping employees and managers with the principles of managing environmental risks.

Course programme

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate covers two units: EC1 and EC2.

Unit EC1 - Management and control of environmental hazards

  • Element 1 Foundations in environmental management

  • Element 2 Environmental management systems

  • Element 3 Environmental impact assessments

  • Element 4 Controls of emissions to air

  • Element 5: Control of contamination of water resources

  • Element 6: Control of waste and land use

  • Element 7: Sources and use of energy and energy efficiency

  • Element 8: Control of environmental noise

  • Element 9: Planning for and dealing with environmental emergencies

Unit EC2 - Environmental practical application

  • Unit EC2: Is the practical assessment part of the course. It is carried out in the candidate’s workplace, and they must submit the practical assessment within 14 days of the exam date.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes of the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management: 

  • Understand the importance of sustainability in environmental management.  
  • Understand the role of regulatory bodies, national governments and international bodies concerning environmental management. 
  • Implement an environmental management system (EMS) effectively and appreciate the benefits of doing so. 
  • Conduct environmental impact assessments, explaining the principles and reasoning. 
  • Understand and identify sources and use of energy and energy efficiency. 
  • Outline the principles of air quality standards and the main types of emissions. 
  • Outline the main sources of pollution and how to control them. 
  • Understand the importance of minimising waste and outline how to manage waste. 


Next steps

Many candidates use the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate as a stepping-stone towards the NEBOSH International Diploma.


The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate is assessed in two parts.

  • For unit EC1, candidates are assessed by a two-hour written examination, in which they must demonstrate their knowledge gained through the course.
  • Unit EC2 is a practical assessment, which is carried out at the candidate’s workplace. The practical assessment must be submitted within 14 days of the exam date booked.

Candidates have a maximum of two years to pass both units.

A unit certificate is issued denoting achievement of each unit. 

After that, a certificate award parchment is issued upon completion of both units.

Exams need to be booked separately from the course – Book your NEBOSH exam

Payment plans

Payment plans are offered to South African students only. We require 50% of the total course fee upfront. The balance can be paid over 3 months for International General Certificate or 6 months for International Diploma. For more information please visit this page or get in touch.


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  • When and how will I receive my NEBOSH results?

    Results are notified by NEBOSH after completing the course. NEBOSH send out the results 10-12 weeks after the exams. Your certificates will arrive after the results have been announced.

  • When and how will I receive my NEBOSH certificate/diploma?

    Your certificate or diploma is sent to you by Phoenix after the results have been announced. Your certificates will arrive from Phoenix 10-12 weeks after the results have been announced.

  • What happens if I fail the NEBOSH assessment?

    The Phoenix Pass Pledge will cover your additional studies, but you retake the exams at your own cost. 
  • Are there any entry requirements for NEBOSH Environmental Certificate?

    There are no entry requirements; however, this course is best suited to managers, supervisors and staff who have responsibility in managing environmental issues.

Why choose a NEBOSH course with Phoenix?

  • Accredited Partner

    Phoenix Health and Safety is a NEBOSH Gold Partner. This accreditation means our NEBOSH course materials, tutors, and learning environments are all stamped with excellence.

  • Expertise

    Originally founded in the UK, we are one of the leading global providers of training in health and safety. 

    Our tutors and mentors are widely respected for their expertise, experience and ability to provide an enjoyable learning experience. 

  • Student support

    We go the extra mile to make sure our course attendees receive the best possible support, through study guides and student groups.

    Many candidates find our Facebook community group particularly helpful while they are studying, as it enables them to compare notes with fellow students and ask questions.

  • The Phoenix Pass Pledge

    Every Phoenix NEBOSH course entitles you to continue studying free of charge if you fail to meet the required standard in examinations. However, this is rarely necessary. Our pass rate for NEBOSH General Certificate training courses is above industry average, with a high number of credits and distinctions.