All employers are now legally obliged to provide adequate information, instruction and training to their staff members. Traditionally, employee training was done face to face. However, this process can be expensive and time consuming, particularly if workers have to travel off-site and lose valuable time as a result. In today’s tough economic climate, and given the leaps in technology that have been made over recent years, it is no surprise that e-learning courses have become so popular. Online training provisions like these can be cost effective and convenient. If you are looking to protect your employees and your company, they could be the perfect solution.

Our Online Courses

Here at Phoenix, we offer a variety of online health and safety courses that are updated and reviewed on a continual basis to ensure they comply with current guidance and legislation. The learning programmes we offer include:

These course are intended to be engaging and interactive. They include activities, quizzes and scenarios that reinforce information and keep learners interested. Each course ends with an assessment that is designed to prove that delegates have reached the required level of knowledge. These tests also help employers to demonstrate that they have fulfilled their legal duties to ensure their personnel have been adequately trained.

Learners don’t have to complete the courses in one go. The programmes can be bookmarked, making it easy for people to pick up where they left off.

Once the courses have been completed, a confirmation of results can be saved or printed as evidence. This can then be kept on record as evidence of suitable training.

Bespoke E-Learning Courses

We are able to tailor any of our existing e-learning courses and packages to suit your organisation’s individual needs. We can also personalise courses with the following:

  • Your company logo
  • Colour schemes
  • Relevant photographs/videos
  • Forms/templates

In addition, we can offer other safety courses online and we can convert current paper-based induction packs into dynamic, interactive web-based inductions. Regardless of the subject, we’re able to design and develop online e-learning courses and instructional training specifically to meet your requirements.

Whether you are seeking an existing ‘off the peg’ solution or you want a tailored package, we can help. Meanwhile, our e-learning materials are compatible with iPad, Android and Windows operating systems.

No of UsersPrice per Person per Course

You can book directly online on each of the e-learning course pages. Please contact us if you are looking for a bespoke proposal, or have significant numbers of learners.