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NEBOSH International General Certificate 2014 syllabus IGC1 & GC2


NEBOSH International General Certificate 2019 syllabus IG1 & IG2

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Studying for NEBOSH qualifications can be tough. Health and Safety can be a dry subject if not delivered in the right way, and the amount of knowledge retention required to pass a NEBOSH course makes recalling the information very important.

Simply reading and re-reading material is a limited form of taking on information, and you need to use a mixture of techniques to help the information "sink in".

Phoenix Health and Safety have developed audiobooks to assist with your studies. These are our entire course materials read aloud in audiobook format.

After purchase the audiobook is accessed via a secure login on our website. You can download the audiobooks and put them onto your mp3 player or listen to them via the login area. You can then listen to them in bite size chunks on the train, in the car, in the gym; wherever you want to. No longer will your study time be limited to when you can sit down and read or sit in front of a computer. You will also get a lifetime of free updates so will never have to purchase the audiobook again, even when the syllabus changes.

We offer the following audiobooks:

  • NEBOSH International General Certificate – R795

If you would like to purchase an audiobook please contact us now or telephone us on 0861 591 592