• The Role of a competent person

    Health and safety practitioners, also known as health and safety officers, managers, advisers or consultants, seek to minimise the risk of injury and ill health at work. The role of a health and safety practitioner is to provide advice on planning, implementing, monitoring and reviewing protective and preventative health, safety and welfare measures.
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  • How do you know your advisor is competent?

    If you are seeking to contract with an external consultancy or employ an internal advisor, how do you know what role and function the competent person should take and what capabilities, knowledge and skills they would require to be effective.
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  • How competent is your health and safety advisor?

    Organisations have a legal duty to ensure arrangements for a competent person are in place, that the competent person is able to conduct their duties and has sufficient training and experience to perform their role.
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  • Farm worker suffers serious injury due to faulty machinery

    The agricultural industry is one of the most dangerous environments to work in from a health and safety perspective. With high rates of injury and fatalities employers need to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to the safety of their workers.
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  • Breach of Health & Safety at Work Act leads to £600k fine for Textile Company

    Handling large machinery always comes with associated risks and it can be impossible to pinpoint the injury rate for a particular type of machine.
    When using heavy equipment, like a packaging machine, it is imperative to put a formalised safe system of work in place and to train workers appropriately. Daily safety checks and routine hygienic cleaning ensure that staff are not at risk of injury.
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  • Failure to carry out correct Risk Assessments leads to two workers sustaining serious injury

    Risk assessments can seem to be an endless task but if you fail to have them in place there can be serious consequences.
    Businesses have a responsibility to ensure all staff are aware of and understand the risks associated with their work as well as the environment they work in. A failure to do this can result in large fines and opens up the possibility of accidents in the work place.
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  • Devon Contractors fined for breach of Health & Safety at Work Regulations

    When it comes to health and safety on a construction site, making sure workers have the correct training and undertake the required procedures is imperative.
    Working with heavy machinery, construction equipment and vehicles comes with a number of risks meaning you could injure yourself, someone else or cause a fatality.
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  • Phoenix student Ian stars at NEBOSH graduation ceremony

    The 2018 NEBOSH Graduation and Awards Ceremony took place on 25 June at Warwick University, and the name of Phoenix Health and Safety got a couple of honourable mentions on the day.

    Pride of place goes to Phoenix student Ian Anderson. We’re delighted to announce that Ian won the Unit A National Diploma Best Candidate Award.

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